The Bioscience Engineering Career Event (BECE) is a co-organisation of VLK v.z.w., LILA f.v. & VBIG v.z.w. and is made possible by the aid of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering from Ghent University.

We strive to connect bioscience engineers and industrial engineers in bioscience with interesting and interested companies. 

We aim to host the 24th edition of BECE physically in the ICC, Ghent, on 19/04/2022.

Registrations for companies for BECE 2022 are closed! For signing up with interest for BECE 2023, go to the tab 'companies' and fill in the form at 'registration'.

For students, BECE is freely accessible. Registration is not necessary. However, it's recommended to make an account on Scanfactor. More information about how to prepare for BECE can be found on the tab 'for students'.