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Register as
participating student
for BECE 2024

Follow the steps below to successfully register for the job fair!


Go to the registration platform, CurrVit. This is possible via clicking on this link.


Make an account on the platform, or log into your existing account


In order to successfully register for the event, you will need to add your full name, current year of study and education program to your profile.

CurrVit allows you to add more information about yourself, which you will be able to share with attending companies during the event. You can add this information now, or complete your profile later on.


Via the button on the top of the page (‘back to event’) , you will be able to continue to the last step, where you give permission to share your profile with BECE and its attending companies. Select the box to accept that your data is shared, then click ‘join’. Your registration is now complete


In the site menu on the top of the page, select ‘Groups’. Under joined groups you should be able to see that you have joined the Bioscience Engineering Career Event, organized by VLK.


Congratulations, you are now successfully registered for BECE 2024! See you on the 6th of March!

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