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About the company

A leader on the sugar, starch and alcohol markets

10 billion human beings on Earth
In 2050, there will be roughly 10 billion human beings on Earth, four times more than 100 years before. Needs in food and energy will increase. Tereos’ whole purpose is to play a part in providing a sustainable response to the needs of this growing world with an offer of quality, deriving the greatest possible value from the raw materials of agriculture. We are present throughout the entire value chain, from the field to the consumer, and we are developing a virtuous economic and human model. As a player in the world agri-foods sector, we engage with our stakeholders to build solutions for the long term.

A reference partner
A cooperative group, Tereos is a union of 12,000 farmers with recognised know-how in the processing of sugar beet, sugar cane, wheat, corn, potatoes, cassava and alfalfa. A partner customers can trust, the Group has developed an offer of quality throughout the world to offer the traceability, competitiveness and sustainability of its products. Thanks to its dynamic innovation policy and its broad product portfolio, it is able to respond to the diversity of consumer expectations from one continent to another. A responsible player, Tereos ensures that the interests of future generations are conserved.

Working with a vision of the entire sector
Wherever the Group operates, Tereos maintains a close relationship with the world of agriculture, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders in the sector and offering a long-term vision. With 99% of its raw materials processed, Tereos generates positive solutions. The Group supports growers in increasing the value of their produce and in developing farming practices that promote both performance and sustainability.

Guaranteeing our products throughout the world
The Tereos product portfolio covers the markets of food, animal feed, green chemistry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, paper and cardboard, and energies. Tereos is permanently expanding its agricultural, industrial and commercial networks to provide its customers with the same commitment to quality, traceability and sustainability on every market on which it operates and throughout the entire value chain. A total of 75% of the raw materials processed by Tereos are certified sustainable.

Our commitment: fully exploiting the value of natural resources
At every stage of manufacture, from the field to the consumer, Tereos is committed to the best possible exploitation of the value of its agricultural raw materials. The Group’s growth is based on a sustainable industrial model that places the circular economy at the heart of its actions, transforming its waste into new resources. This boosts sustainable development and helps revitalise the regions.