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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Bio Process Engineer

About the Role

As bio process engineer in our pilot facility, you engage in an out-of-the-ordinary job. As part of a team of bio process engineers and technicians you will work on very diverse, innovative projects, away from routine and in an ideal setting to gather new insights and expertise in various domains and thus to grow exponentially ‘on the job’. Together with your colleagues you optimize and scale up innovative bio-based processes that contribute to a sustainable bio-economy and help fight climate change.

BBEPP’s most valuable asset is the immense knowledge and expertise of its employees. This is exactly what our clients come looking for. Therefore we are constantly scanning the horizon for new talent, fresh ideas and leave our employees a lot of freedom for own initiative.


  • We are looking for :

  • hands-on no-nonsense engineer or biotechnologist

  • A strong background in fermentation, downstream processing and scale-up.

  • If we could design the candidate of our dreams, he/she would have a degree in bio-engineering or related (bioprocessing, chemistry, biotechnology, cell- and gene technology), experience with bacterial, yeast or fungal hosts, experience with biocatalytic processes for the production of chemicals, food ingredients or cosmetics and knowledge of scale-up and pilot research.

But then again, nobody is perfect! You do not tick all of the boxes, BUT you’re flexible, eager to learn and open to tailor-made training, with No Fear of challenges and a good dose of pioneering spirit. Then get in touch and let’s brainstorm over our future together.

About the Company

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