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About the company

Grown locally - Planted globally

In 2021, Sylva Nurseries got recognized by Flanders Investment and Trade for their outstanding expertise in export of forestry and ornamental young plants and won the prestigious prize Flanders Export Lion 2021. With a production of 25 million trees and shrubs, Sylva nurseries are creating and developing new forests and natural reserves all over the world. So far, Sylva Nurseries has been exporting to more than 40 different countries worldwide, including distant countries such as China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Sylva Nurseries has a vast international network of agents with a global customer base. The company is represented in European associations such as EFNA (European Forest Nursery Association) and ENA (European Nurserystock Association).

We are specialists in cultivation and commercialization of all hardy tree nursery varieties. Our knowledge of 7 generations, the mild sea climate and the good sandy soil are giving us an advantage to produce high quality shrubs, forest and hedging plants. In order to keep our service and quality towards our customers, we have a production area of 115 hectares. Our 8000 m2 production warehouses are one of the biggest in the European nursery industry. To maintain the high quality standards through the season, we store our plants in our cold stores with a total capacity of 6000m³.

The Van Hulle family’s passion combined with the accumulated know-how and a clear vision for the future has resulted in an innovative approach towards the industry. The company is investing heavily in efficiency, workload management and sustainable entrepreneurship. Among other things, they developed a special, ergonomic sorting machine with a grading capacity of 10 000 plants per hour.

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