Select Projects


Interest in specific master(s):

Agriculture & horticulture, 

Cell & gene biotechnology, 


Environmental sciences, 

Forestry & natural resources, 

Land, water & climate, 

Nutrition & food technology, 

International students

About the company

Select Projects is part of the Select Group. 

This consists of several companies operating in the Benelux, the Middle East and North Africa. 

Select Projects is mainly active in the bioscience sector in Belgium and the Netherlands.

We have family values where we help each other and pay attention to each other. 

This allows you to become and give the best version of yourself. 

Working at Select Projects means that you work on your craftsmanship and are therefore the specialist in your field.

Quote : Quality is Performance by Genuine People

Job opportunities


Select Projects offers interesting projects, growth opportunities, autonomy, trust, training and professional colleagues you can learn from. 

This allows you to work on your professional growth and personal development. 

At Select Projects, you are not only part of the team at the client. 

You also form a team with your fellow consultants in the field.