RIC Group


Interest in specific master(s):

Cell and gene biotechnology, Chemistry and bioprocess technology, Environmental sciences, Nutrition and food technology

About the company

RIC group is a privately-owned European center of excellence for analytical solutions. Our company was founded in 1986 by Professor Pat Sandra and is currently headed by his two sons Tom Sandra and Koen Sandra. Our main office is located in Kortrijk (Belgium) with a second office in Lyon (France).

For over 35 years we have been supporting private industry, government agencies and academic research groups with our scientific know-how and technical expertise. Our R&D activities cover the following areas:

RIC | technologies: analytical equipment and state-of-the art instrumental solutions to expand the in-house analytical capabilities of our customers 

RIC | resolve: addressing the most challenging analytical questions in various industries such as agricultural, petrochemical and food using our chromatographic skills 

RIC | biologics: all-round analytical services for pharma & biotech working on biological products and chemical entities

RIC | omics: understanding biology, revealing biomarkers and discovering drug targets through proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics and glycomics


| Sample preparation including manual and automated setups covering with a wide range of extraction, derivatization and fractionation techniques

| Gas chromatography (GC) including capillary flow technology (CFT), multidimensional GC (heart-cutting and comprehensive), fraction collection with various detectors as well as olfactometry and electronic nose

| Liquid chromatography (LC) including HPLC, UHPLC, UPLC, miniaturized LC, multidimensional LC (heart-cutting & comprehensive) and fraction collection using various detectors

| Mass spectrometry for GC including single quadrupole, triple quadrupole and time-of-flight MS

| Mass spectrometry for LC including single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, time-of-flight and orbitrap MS

| Alternative methodologies such as super-critical fluid chromatography (SPC), electrophoresis (chip and capillary based), light obscuration, light scattering (multi-angle and dynamic), real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), osmometry and many more

Job opportunities

Working at RIC group you will be part of an ambitious laboratory organization at the forefront of analytical sciences that is always on the lookout for new innovative approaches. You will join a young, dynamic and international team of experts in close contact with the ever-evolving market.

Is analytics running through your veins?
Can’t get enough of the latest and greatest state-of-the art tech?
Do your core values match with ours?

Science: curiosity at our core  

Flexibility: we go the extra mile

Equality: everyone counts 

Solution-oriented: more than data

Teamwork: collaboration is key 

Innovation: high degree of knowledge
Customer oriented: added value  

Human touch: one family

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