Pi Life Sciences Consultancy


Interest in specific master(s):

Cell and gene biotechnology, Chemistry and bioprocess technology, Nutrition and food technology

About the company

pi is a global integrator of excellence to some of the world’s leading life science companies.

We provide a multiple array of services throughout the product lifecycle, to design solutions that are tailored to industry-specific needs.

  • Qualification and validation

  • Quality management

  • Engineering

  • Regulatory compliance

  • CSV, IT & data integrity

Thanks to our high performing teams, we are able to deliver value, expertise and exceptional client service.

We invest in our experts
We emphasise strongly on continuous coaching and training. We work with both industry leading coaches and trainers and our own in-house professionals to offer our teams a wide variety of tailor-made programmes, diverse insights and courses. At pi, our experts direct the coaching and training that they believe support them in realising their full potential and ambitions.

Allowing us to attract & retain the best
pi life sciences consultancy has become a reference through its unique combination of expertise, professional training and empathetic management. Each of pi’s consultants brings with them their own set of knowledge, skills and experiences. Without exception they are high achievers driven by curiosity and motivated by success. Together they comprise a formidable diversity of abilities and personalities.

When it comes to salary benefits and packages, pi understands that there is no one-size-fits-all formula. That's why we’re offering our talents the incentive of designing their own rewards package, so they have the freedom to shape compensation packages to their own individual and often shifting needs.

Job opportunities

Shape your future
Together our team members comprise a formidable set of abilities and personalities. We grow, develop and make wonderful things happen together.

Do you want to discover what your possibilities as a Bio-Engineer are? Are you ready to direct your own career?

Step by at our booth, we will be happy to see you there!


Natalie Hoste