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Cell & gene biotechnology

About the company

Unlock the potential of neoantigen-driven immunotherapy

myNEO focuses on research, development, and optimisation of the clinical exploitability of personalised cancer immunotherapy.

It is myNEO’s mission to enable improved neoantigen-directed immunotherapy by integrating three important pillars of successful therapy. myNEO’s primary focus is to tackle the challenge of identifying, in a quick but accurate way, the neoantigen targets that determine the success of each immunotherapy. These – often personalised – neoantigens are obtained by interpreting tumour samples with data-driven neural networks trained on gathered biological datasets. But personalisation can be pushed even further, by immune typing of the tumour micro-environment to ensure that the best (combination) therapy is selected. Lastly, myNEO enables efficient monitoring of treatment response and disease progression using personalised biomarkers.

Job opportunities

myNEO is a start-up company that thinks highly of the well-being and happiness of its employees.

A work hard/play hard balance is endorsed and so flexibility is important on both ends. 

myNEO is a small team of young people that work closely together. 

We strive to have open communication and pleasant working relationships.

Vacature: BioInformatician Junior

Vacature: BioInformatician Senior