Decock Plants


Interest in specific master(s):

Agriculture and horticulture, Bio informatics, Cell and gene biotechnology, Chemistry and bioprocess technology, Environmental sciences, Forestry and natural resources, Land, water and climate management, Nutrition and food technology, International students

About the company

Decock Plants is a growing family business that celebrates its 34 year anniversary.

We specialize in the production of young plants of Herbs, Lavandula, Pelargonium, Dipladenia, Terrace plants ...

We have grown to 1 of the leading companies in this market.

We do this from our main location in Belgium in close cooperation with our sister company in Ethiopia.

Decock Plants is constantly looking for good and flexible employees who would like to put their shoulders under Decock Plants to ensure further growth.

Internships are available with us upon consultation.

We are mainly looking for people who graduate in Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Land & Water Management, Forestry & Natural Resources, Cell & Gene Technology, Nutrition & Food Technology and Agriculture & Horticulture.

Visit us at BECE 2022 and discover our options for jobs in Belgium and Ethiopia.

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Job opportunities

- Responsible Research and Development Ethiopia + Belgium

- Production Manager Ethiopia

- Cultivation Responsible