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Agriculture & horticulture, 

Nutrition & food technology

About the company

Arvesta is an expert in agriculture and horticulture, animal nutrition, flour, machines and garden centres, making us the biggest full-service partner for farmers and growers in Belgium. We also have strong ambitions to expand internationally, and we are already active on the Dutch, French and German market today. 

As the home of more than 40 strong brands and with 2000 enthusiastic employees — each of which is an expert in their field — Arvesta can make a genuine difference for all elements in the agricultural supply chain. We want to grow together with our farmers and growers and enable them to maximise their profitability. 

To achieve that goal, we are continually investing and innovating in the agricultural sector.

By leading the way in digital farming, we want to offer farmers and growers the best possible solutions for the challenges they face and we are happy to share our agricultural expertise with our customers in one of our Aveve and Eurotuin stores.

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