Interest in specific master(s):

Environmental sciences, 

Land, water & climate, 

International students

About the company

We help customers in the water, environmental, pharma, and biotech industries with optimising and innovating their production processes by realistically simulating big industrial facilities. 

We are developing unique solutions to test modifications without onsite intervention. 

Thanks to our services, customers can benefit in many different ways: they save time and reduce costs while getting revolutionary insights. 

Our customers include water utilities and other industrial end-users, innovative companies, and consulting firms worldwide.

Given the value and innovation we offer, there are ample opportunities to create compelling value propositions.

Job opportunities

Solution Engineer: As a solution engineer, you will combine your expertise in technical processes with a commercial mindset to find tailored solutions for our customers in the water industry. In close collaboration with our team, you will represent our brand and grow our market leadership in the Netherlands. You will also have the chance to participate in international projects.

Simulation Engineer: Through your simulation services you will contribute to the customer’s goals like energy savings, cost savings, improvement of technologies, increasing competitivity, accelerating technology development and improving process performance and reliability.

Stages/internships: We start from your technical skill and try to get you familiar with the different departments with AM-Team. You will off course also experience our culture and why we value the fun factor.


Dana Van Belleghem