Interest in specific master(s):

  • Cell & gene biotechnology

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental sciences

  • Nutrition & food technology

About the company

ALTEN Belgium is a leading consultancy company in the fields of Engineering, Life Science and IT in which our people are central. ALTEN has two offices in Belgium, in Brussels and Antwerp. In the international market, ALTEN Belgium is part of the ALTEN Group, with over 30.000 consultants worldwide and has been operating since 1988. As such, we are one of the largest suppliers of technical consultancy in Europe.

In our open and adaptable organization, we get the best out of our ambitious employees by enabling them to perform optimally. We do this by offering them the most challenging projects, but also by helping them to continuously acquire new expertise to boost their careers. This can be done with the help of our ALTEN Academy, but also through our knowledge sharing events.

ALTEN Belgium is an inspiring company with a passion for solving technological challenges, to enhance and innovate together with our partners. Our logo may not always be visible, but we participated in many appealing projects, such as developing technology and treatments to cure, heal or prolong human life or to ease the pain and suffering of human beings. The activities covered by the Life Sciences division are mainly oriented toward production in pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and medical devices industries.

Job opportunities

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Nadja Leineweber

Talent Acquisitions Partner – Life Sciences