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What we do
The core business of SoundTalks exists of:

- Providing state of the art algorithms for monitoring your livestock's health status with sound. Read more about our respiratory distress monitor.

- Developing robust and versatile measurement systems for monitoring applications. Read more about the SOMO product line.

- Offering engineering services in the fields of smart automation, noise analysis and sound quality engineering

About SoundTalks
SoundTalks is a young and ambitiuous spin-off company of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium and the University of Milan (UNIMI) in Italy.

SoundTalks delivers smart measurement and control systems to monitor, diagnose and improve system processes and/or quality of life. SoundTalks's team can assist researchers with its robust, high-performance, user-friendly & reliable measurement equipment and provides engineering consultancy on acoustic measurements and systems, sound quality, noise source identification and localization, noise radiation and automation using smart control systems.







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