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FUJI OIL EUROPE is the European branch of the Japanese FUJI OIL GROUP, a worldwide leader in innovative food products, particularly in special oils and fats and bakery products. We are located in the seaport of Ghent (Ertvelde-Rieme) and specialize in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of vegetable oils and fats. We also produce compound chocolates and even ready-to-use fat based fillings.

With several years of experience in developing creative and innovative solutions for a variety of applications where the right choice of fat really makes a difference, our main focus is on the following industries:

Ice cream
Infant food


The Belgian plant has a large range of processing technologies available, from hydrogenation over fractionation to interesterification and high quality refining. This plant is designed to produce a very wide range of products, many of which tailor-made at competitive costs.
As a reliable partner for the worlds biggest and most innovative food companies, we consider safety a fundamental part of our business and we are committed to provide safe food products.

Next to the Belgian plant, the Fuji Oil Group operates production plants for specialty fats in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China and the United States. This worldwide presence gives us the access to high-quality raw materials and valuable information that allows Fuji Oil to support customers around the world.





Job opportunities

We have many interesting job opportunities for engineers, generally situated in Research & Development, Production, Sales and QA.

Our team of sales and application engineers is being challenged to investigate and meet the unique or special requirements of the industry, while our R&D team continually strives to develop innovative solutions in cooperation with our customers. Our colleagues in Quality Assurance guarantee that our products meet the customers’ narrow specifications and that food safety is in check.

Up-to-date information about current vacancies can be found on our website: http://www.fujioileurope.com/EN/Jobs.aspx.


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