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Are you looking for a valuable broadening of your master’s degree?

Start a complementary study in Business Economics, Economics, Public Administration & Management, or Taxation. These programmes immerse you in the basic concepts and insights of the (business) economy or public administration, and offer you a broader perspective in various management and (business) economic domains. All programmes are taught in Dutch. This extra economic knowledge enhances your potential growth within an organization or company and gives you an advantage over other applicants with the same initial master’s degree. Most programmes can be completed in 1 year.

Learn more about these programmes on our website: www.ugent.be/eb.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration stands for a vibrant learning community of around 500 scholars and more than 6,400 students. Each year more than 1,000 new alumni graduate from our various master programmes. We offer research-based education from inspiring teachers who are actively engaged in the wider community. We aim to prepare our students for the society and the economy of tomorrow. Thus we put high emphasis on innovative teaching methods, on fostering an international mindset, on openness to the outside world, on internationalization and multiculturalism, on the societal relevance of our teaching and our research. Our programmes are inspired by the work experiences of our alumni and our external stakeholders in the economy and in the society at large.











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