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For more than 20 years, ALTEN has gained the trust of the big names in Industry, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Automotive, Railways, Energy, Aerospace, Defence, Life Sciences, Energy, Banking & Finance, Media, Public Administration.

ALTEN is now an indispensable player in the strategic projects and large industrial programs of today. We assist our customers with their technological initiatives, and, when it comes to global projects, provide guaranteed services to the IT and Technical Departments of large companies in Europe and around the world.

Job opportunities for young engineers
ALTEN is always looking for brilliant profile interested to join a large group with an international dimension in a dynamic environment. The company’s strength is based on the development of human capital. So on, ALTEN is looking for Civil or Industrial Engineers in the Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Automation, Computer Sciences, Software, Bio-engineering or Chemical fields.

Career evolution
The strength of ALTEN is its top engineers, which is why the Group has made the development of its human capital a priority. ALTEN develops processes to identify skills and expectations so as to ensure that its projects closely match its employees’ desires.
After developing their technical skills through various projects, ALTEN consultants can evolve to the responsibilities of Project Manager or Specialist. The Specialist pathway allow to go further and then transmit technical and sectoral specialization; the Project Manager sector opens up management and leading perspectives but also teams supervision.
Among all the opportunities you will find at ALTEN, you can also choose to go for a commercial and team management career.

Internal Trainings
In a world where knowledge is power, it is important to make sure your knowledge stays up to date. At ALTEN Belgium we've already taken the hard part out of the process by monitoring the latest trends within our core business and building a training portfolio to match. To follow this path, ALTEN Belgium created the ALTEN Belgium Academy. The mission of the Academy is to support ALTEN consultants in their continuous learning objectives as part of their career and competence development within ALTEN and support our customers by offering certified and customized trainings.

For the future graduated
Join ALTEN, thus to have the possibility of an exciting and varied career within the ALTEN network: each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment or a different sector, and so to master new technologies and methodologies






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